The Do’s and Don’ts of Pet-Proofing your Home

How to Make Your Home Safe for Pets

Nothing compares to loving and living with pets; from cats and dogs to turtles and fish, pets make the perfect lifelong companions. Part of living with a pet means taking extra care to pet-proof your home in order to keep your pet happy, safe, and healthy in their living environment. Here are a few do’s… Read more »

Why Adopted Animals Make the Best Pets

Why Adopted Animals Make the Best Pets

Are you interested in purchasing a new dog or cat for your home? Before you run out to the pet store and buy a puppy or kitten, you should consider adopting an animal instead. There are so many benefits that come along with adopting a pet, including the ones we outline below. You will save… Read more »

Pet Sitting vs. Pet Boarding: What Works for Your Pet?

Pet Boarding vs. Pet Sitting: What Work for Your Pet?

Whether you are going on a business trip for a few days or taking a vacation for two weeks, your mind is never far from your furry friend. But the burning question that plagues most pet owners is whether to leave their pet with a sitter or send them to a boarding facility. It’s important… Read more »

Keep Pets Safe During the Holiday Season

Keep Pets Safe During the Holiday Season

The holiday season is a time for family to gather, and that includes our pets! They are family too and they deserve to celebrate alongside us! During the holiday season, it is important to keep your pets safe from potential hazards which frequently arise during larger parties. You can keep your pets safe by following… Read more »

Best Pet Reptiles for Children

Owning a Reptile

If your children have been asking for a pet, and you’re hoping to get a pet that is a bit more independent, consider getting them a reptile. Reptiles often make good pets for children because they are somewhat independent but require some care which can help teach children responsibility. Looking to add a reptile into… Read more »