Buying Dog Food: 3 Tips for Buying the Right Kind

Hungry Dog Waiting to be Fed

Navigating the world of dog food is tough; with so many choices (wet or dry, premium or normal, less calories or more protein), picking the right kind of food for your dog takes some research. Before you decide which dog food to buy your pup, consider the following! Nutritional needs Like humans, dogs require different… Read more »

Diabetes in Your Pet: Signs, Diet, & Exercise

Dog Looking Owner's Face

Did you know that in the United States, an estimated one in 300 adult dogs and one in 230 cats have diabetes? Fortunately, pets with diabetes can still live long, healthy lives with proper diagnosis, diet, exercise, and treatment. Recognizing the signs of diabetes in your pet Just like with humans, early detection is key… Read more »

Dealing with Fleas on Your Pets

Cat with Fleas

When your pet has fleas, you need to act fast. Though tiny, fleas pack a powerful punch, effectively irritating your pet to no end and potentially causing additional problems for your furry friend. However, knowing the signs of fleas, how to get rid of them, and how to prevent further infestations is key to dealing… Read more »

Cancer in Your Pets: Signs and Symptoms

Pet Cancer and Symptoms

The worst nightmare is finding out your beloved pet has cancer. Unfortunately, this is a reality that many pet owners face, so it’s best to be prepared by learning the signs and symptoms you should be looking out for. Here are some warning signs of cancer in your pet that you shouldn’t avoid getting checked… Read more »

Understanding Some of the Most Common Dog Behaviors

Common Dog Behaviors

From Labrador retrievers and German shepherds to beagles and poodles, dogs are very different in size, shape, breed, and personality. However, no matter which type of furry friend you have, there are some common behaviors exhibited by most dogs that some owners don’t tend to understand. Some of these behaviors include going to the bathroom… Read more »

Understanding Your Cat’s Behavior: Tail Wagging

Kitten Playing

Cats are mysterious creatures, usually hesitant to give their trust (or even the time of day) to anyone. So unlike dogs who seem to be an open book in comparison, it takes a little bit of research and studying to understand what your cat is trying to tell you. Let’s start with cat tail wagging,… Read more »