Does My Pet Have Ticks: Warning Signs & Treatment

puppy scratching his ear

The tick is one pesky nuisance that unfortunately likes to target your pets. These pests pose a danger of transmitting disease to our pets and should be avoided at all costs.

However, if your furry friend isn’t so lucky as to avoid them, it could help for you to learn the warning signs and, if necessary, treatment of ticks!

Warning signs of ticks

Luckily, tick bites are noticeable. They appear as dark dots or bumps that line the dog or cat’s fur, often in areas with little to no fur.

If you’ve been in an area where ticks are particularly prevalent, give your pet the same scan that you would yourself: checking around their face, mouth, and legs.

If you notice your pet shaking their head more than usual, make sure to check their ears!

The sooner, the better: it can take hours to transmit a disease to a host, so the faster that you get rid of the tick, the less likely it will be that your pet faces any true harm.

Tick treatment for your pet

So, you’ve spotted a tick—now what?

Well, first, grab some tweezers. They will allow you to remove the tick in a sterile, effective way. Don’t pull too tight, or otherwise you might hurt your pet; gently grab the tick and remove slowly.

Once it’s removed, put it in a container—a plastic bag or jar works—and bring it to your vet for inspection. Then clean up the site with alcohol, so your pet doesn’t feel any harm.

The vet may recommend a blood test to see if your pet is facing any infections. If your pet falls ill without any consultation, please consult your veterinarian immediately!

Your pet will likely need to take antibiotics, and should a disease like Lyme infect their body, a more robust medication or even hospitalization could be needed.

It’s essential that you stay alert and careful when it comes to ticks. And at Hill Country Pet Sitters, we promise that we will, too!

Trust our team to keep your pet safe and give them love while you’re away. Call us at 830-624-9284 today to learn more about our pet sitting and in-home care!