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New Cat Adoption Checklist

closeup of cat sleeping on table

Have you decided to adopt an adorable cat into your home? Congratulations! There is nothing quite as rewarding as being a cat owner. But to ensure your cat stays happy and healthy, you’ll need to get some supplies before you bring them home. Here is a quick adoption checklist to get you started: A durable… Read more »

The Ultimate Guide to Cat Enclosures

The Ultimate Guide to Cat Enclosures

When our cats stare out the window, what are they thinking? Are they happy sitting back and watching the outside world? Or are they itching to get out there themselves? As their owners, we want to keep our felines happy, but we want to keep them from harm’s way as well. Cat enclosures, or catios,… Read more »

Keeping Your Pet Happy & Safe This Summer

Summer Pet Care Tips

Summer is officially here, and with warmer weather on the way it is important  to make sure that pet owners understand how to best care for their pets during this season. We all know how exhausting the Texas heat can be, but keep your pets in mind as they are not able to verbally express… Read more »

Fun Activities to Keep Your Cat Occupied

Fun Activities to Keep Your Your Cat Occupied

Indoor cats can be a great companion to love and care for. Keeping your cat entertained and occupied is a great way to keep track of them and deter them from doing things like scratching up your furniture!  Here are a few fun activities you can do to keep your cat entertained: Create A Sensory… Read more »