What Tail Wagging Means in Cats

Kitten Playing

Cats are mysterious creatures, usually hesitant to give their trust (or even the time of day) to anyone. So unlike dogs who seem to be an open book in comparison, it takes a little bit of research and studying to understand what your cat is trying to tell you.

Let’s start with cat tail wagging, an act that seems to go unnoticed when it comes to felines!

Sending a message with their tail

The position and subtle movements of your cat’s tail are working towards sending you a message, no matter how difficult it is to interpret. Their tail alone may not be telling the whole story; many have researched facial expressions, posture and other body language to understand these beloved household pets more, but today we’ll be focusing on the tail.

If the tail stays upright & vertical…

An upright tail means your fluffy feline is ready to play, or at least open to the idea of interacting. This is also just a general sign of excitement, perhaps how your cat greets you when you arrive home.

If the tail is low & quick to flick…

Often seen on a veterinary visit, a low tail that is rigidly flicking back and forth is telling you that your cat is not happy. They’re letting you know they are annoyed and on guard.

However, if your cat’s tail is in a lower position and is leisurely wagging back and forth, they’re actually very content—just surveying their surrounding environment.

If the tail twitches…

Slight twitching of your cat’s tail simply means they are concentrating on something. This is a sign of curiosity and it means they are entranced with something that they are trying to learn more about.

If the back & tail are arched…

This position is a tell-tale sign that your fluffy friend is on the defensive. They’ve uncovered a threat and are letting everyone know that they’re ready to react.

Remember, tail wagging is just one tiny piece of a cat’s behavior. When you start to understand the overall body language and sweet “meows” of your fluffy friend, you will begin to understand what their various expressions.

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