Dog & Cat Grooming Services - Our Pet Gallery

To keep your dog or cat looking and feeling its best, you should arrange to have it groomed on a regular basis. Hill Country Pet Sitters Plus can set you up with the dog and cat grooming services your pet needs and make sure they feel 100 percent comfortable throughout the grooming process. As you can see in our pet gallery, I have groomed dogs and cats of all sizes in the past and would love to get the opportunity to groom yours next.

I can offer dog and cat grooming services to you in my home Monday through Saturday. I can also come to your home if you would like to have your pet groomed there for a small fee. Regardless of which option you choose, I can make your pet look like any of the dogs or cats in our pet gallery. I can handle short and long-haired dogs and cats and can even tackle issues with heavy matting for an additional charge.

As part of the dog and cat grooming services offered by Hill Country Pet Sitters Plus, I will also trim your pet’s nails, clean out their ears, and drain the fluid from their anal gland. This fluid must be extracted regularly to prevent your pet from dealing with a painful abscess. I welcome the chance to groom your pet and would love to add them to our pet gallery when we’re all finished up.

If you would like to schedule dog and cat grooming services through Hill Country Pet Sitters Plus, give me a call at 830-624-9284.