The Importance of a Pet Sitter

pet sitter playing with dog and cat on couch

If you’re heading away for the weekend or for several weeks, you may be wondering what to do with your four-legged friend. Many people just have one of their friends or family members stop by for a few minutes to check on their pets. But this isn’t sufficient. Hiring a pet sitter can help your dog or cat cope with your absence. Read on to learn more:

Pet sitters protect against loneliness

Dogs and cats enjoy our company. Dogs are pack animals by nature and enjoy being around humans and dogs. Although cats are often mislabeled as loners, they actually form close bonds with their owners. If cats are alone for too long, they may become lethargic  or obese. Pets are not emotionally self-sufficient.  A pet sitter will make sure your pet is content, all while keeping an eye on your mailbox and taking out any trash.

A pet sitter will protect your pet’s health

It is important then to find a professional, qualified and insured pet sitter you can trust. After all, you’re putting your pet’s health—physical, emotional and mental—in his or her hands. These are some questions to consider:

  • Ask the pet sitter if he or she has the correct paperwork in terms of insurance. Being insured is essential for any pet sitter, as it demonstrates trust, preparation and a level of professionalism.
  • Ask them about his or her training. What is their experience with pets and with animals in general?
  • Ask them for references. It is important to get a sense of his or her work history.
  • Ask about veterinarians, that is, do they have one in case of an emergency.

By asking these questions, you are sure to find an excellent pet sitter. It is wise to ask these questions in person. Invite the prospective pet sitter over your home for coffee and have him or her meet your pet(s).

At Hill Country Pet Sitters, we love animals and are more than happy to watch them while you’re away. To learn more about our pet sitting services, contact us today at (830) 624-9284.