New Cat Adoption Checklist

closeup of cat sleeping on table

Have you decided to adopt an adorable cat into your home? Congratulations! There is nothing quite as rewarding as being a cat owner. But to ensure your cat stays happy and healthy, you’ll need to get some supplies before you bring them home. Here is a quick adoption checklist to get you started:

A durable pet carrier

Many adoption centers will give you a disposable carrier to bring your cat home. However, this carrier will not last forever. You will need something to transport your cat to their vet appointments. These pet carriers should be large enough for you cat to move around in while also durable enough to so it lasts for years.

A large litter box and cat litter

Cats may be small, but that doesn’t mean their litter boxes should be small as well. Cats need plenty of room to do their business, so make sure you get a large litter box (and enough litter to fill it) no matter your kitty’s size.

Food dishes and a water fountain

Look for food dishes that are flat without edges that rise up too high. Cats’ whiskers are sensitive, so avoid food dishes where their whiskers are touching the edges. You should also get a water fountain so your cat has plenty of fresh water at their disposal.

When it comes to buying cat food, stick with the food that the adoption center has been feeding them and then gradually transition your cats to whatever food your veterinarian recommends.

A cat tree with a scratching post

Cats love to perch in high places. They also enjoy scratching. A cat tree with a scratching post fulfills both these requirements.

Plenty of toys

Cats get a reputation for sleeping all day, but they also enjoy to play! Jingly balls and wand toys are a favorite amongst cats. Make sure you get a variety so your kitty never gets bored.

Cat brush

Cats, unlike dogs, can often take care of their own coats. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean they don’t like to get brushed! Many cats love getting brushed. Plus, brushing will help reduce shedding and, consequently, furballs.

Once you’ve brought your new kitty home, there may be a time in the future where you have to leave for a few days. To make sure they’re well taken care of, hire a pet sitting service to look after them. Contact Hill Country Pet Sitters at 830-624-9284 to learn more!