Dog & Cat Grooming

I groom cats & dogs at my home Monday through Saturday. If you need me to come to your home an additional fee will be added. An appointment will need to be made ahead of time.

The grooming process is the same for both cats and dogs. I give them a bath & then a conditioning treatment, trim their toe nails, and clean their ears. If a dog has floppy ears, I also remove the fur inside the ear canal. I also extract the fluid in the anal gland. Both dogs & cats have this gland. If the gland is not emptied on a regular basis, an abscess can occur. In addition I apply gel that helps to remove tarter on the teeth of each dog I groom. For dogs with excessive tarter, provided they allow me, I can scrape their teeth clean for an additional charge.

Long haired cats are typically shaved. Shaving a cat or a dog helps to greatly reduce shedding and matting. When there is heavy matting and/or shaving is involved a lot more time is required. The amount of time varies from pet to pet. Therefore, pricing may vary. See the services page for pricing.