Dog & Cat Grooming

Do you want to make sure your dog or cat always looks its best? Get into the habit of having them groomed on a regular basis. Hill Country Pet Sitters Plus can provide you with professional dog and cat grooming in New Braunfels and deliver personal care to your pet in the process. I groom dogs and cats at my home Monday through Saturday and am also available to come to your home for an additional fee if that’s more convenient for you. I just ask you make an appointment ahead of time for all dog and cat grooming services.

The grooming process is virtually the same for both dogs and cats. I’ll start dog or cat grooming by giving your pet a bath and providing them with a conditioning treatment before trimming their toenails and cleaning their ears. If a dog has floppy ears, I’ll remove the fur inside of their ear canal, and I’ll also extract fluid from the anal glands in both dogs and cats. If this gland is not emptied regularly, an abscess can begin to grow and cause health problems. Additionally, I’ll apply a gel that removes tartar from your dog’s teeth and even scrape their teeth for a fee if you would like. My goal is always to make your pet feel comfortable while delivering professional and personal care to them in New Braunfels.

At Hill Country Pet Sitters Plus, I typically shave long-haired cats since shaving a cat or a dog can help to reduce shedding and matting. I can also assist those pet owners with dogs and cats that have heavy matting. I offer special dog and cat grooming services in New Braunfels in these instances that cost slightly more than regular services since it can be a time-consuming process to remove matting or shave a dog or cat. Regardless of which services your pet needs, they’ll always get the personal care and attention they deserve.

Reach out to Hill Country Pet Sitters Plus at 830-624-9284 to set up a dog or cat grooming appointment.