Understanding the Most Common Dog Behaviors

Common Dog Behaviors

From Labrador retrievers and German shepherds to beagles and poodles, dogs are very different in size, shape, breed, and personality.

However, no matter which type of furry friend you have, there are some common behaviors exhibited by most dogs that some owners don’t tend to understand. Some of these behaviors include going to the bathroom in the house, biting, chewing, and digging – but why dogs do these things might surprise you.

Read on to learn more about the reasoning behind these four common dog behaviors.

Excessive chewing, but not on toys

Have you ever walked into your bedroom to find your favorite pair of shoes chewed to bits, or the legs of your kitchen table torn up?

Younger dogs may chew on toys and other items when their teeth are developing, as this helps relieve some of the pain. Grown dogs, however, tend to chew things up, as well and the reason is not necessarily that they like how your high heels taste. Dogs that chew up items may do so out of anxiety.

Going to the bathroom in the house

You come home from a long day at work to discover your normally well-behaved dog has used the bathroom on your living room area rug. So, why did this happen?

A dog defecating in the home could be a sign that your pup is either bored or lonely. There’s also a possibility that it could be because he has a bladder or kidney infection or urinary tract issue that causes him to need to urinate more frequently.

Pay attention to your dog’s health and behaviors to decipher the real reason why he has changed his bathroom habits.

Biting or nipping

Dogs use biting as one form of communication; biting shows their state of mind.

If your dog is biting you or others, it could be out of aggression, fear, or anxiety. Try to figure out which motivator is affecting your dog in order to correct this behavior. Perhaps your dog has some social anxiety around new people or maybe he is trying to show his dominance over you out of aggression.

Young dogs tend to nip you when they play or during training as they learn your expectations. Try to change this habit early to avoid serious biting problems down the line. This common dog behavior is one you may need some help with correcting from a trainer or veterinarian.

Digging indoors

You may also notice your dog digging on couches or blankets inside your home; this behavior is normal, as digging is an instinctual activity presented in canines. Dogs may dig outside to hide something or to track other animals; when they dig inside, it could just be to make a comfortable place to lay down.

Your dog may be exhibiting the above behaviors out of loneliness, boredom, or anxiety, so you need to ensure your pup gets lots of personalized care and attention throughout the day!

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