Top 3 Tips for Traveling with a Pet

Road Trip with Your Dog

Weekend getaways, week-long vacations, and monthly escapes: we love traveling, especially when we can pack up the family pet to take along for the trip.

If you’re hitting the road or open skies with your pet soon, keep the following tips in mind for a smooth trip!

Safety first

Whether driving or flying, your pet is going to need an appropriate and safe way to travel. Keep your pet in a comfortable crate, large enough for them to move around in. Secure the crate in a safe spot in your vehicle, and do not leave your pet in the car alone when parked. If you forgo a crate, use a safety harness that attaches to your vehicle’s seat belt.

When flying, be sure to mark your crate with your personal information and include a photo of your pet and health information. You should also bring along copies of their vaccination and rabies shot records, especially if you’re crossing international borders.

Comfort and care

Your pet requires exercise on a daily basis, but especially before long trips. Take your pet for a walk before your trip and make as many stops as possible when driving to let them get out of the car to use the bathroom.

Bring along plenty of food and water and keep a familiar toy or blanket in their crate to help them feel at ease while on route. Book pet-friendly hotels and find ways to keep your furry friend relaxed on the flight, like looking up pets-only airlines.

Consider leaving your pet at home

While traveling with pets is possible and fun with a little preparation, oftentimes the safest and best route for your pet is to leave them at home while you travel. Some pets are too old, too nervous, or too rambunctious to travel, and leaving them behind allows them to stay comfortable and safe while you have your own little retreat.

Private pet boarding and in-home care are great options for you and your pet! You can rest assured that your loyal companion is safe and sound while you’re enjoying a much-needed getaway. At Hill Country Pet Sitters Plus, we offer both in-home care and private boarding. Give us a call at 830-624-9284 to learn more today!