Fun Activities to Keep Your Cat Occupied

Fun Activities to Keep Your Your Cat Occupied

Indoor cats can be a great companion to love and care for. Keeping your cat entertained and occupied is a great way to keep track of them and deter them from doing things like scratching up your furniture! 

Here are a few fun activities you can do to keep your cat entertained:

Create A Sensory Toy Box

For this simple DIY toy box, you will need a basic cardboard box and a few of your pet’s favorite toys. Customize the box by adding the toys. Use a string to attach the toys. Hang small plush toys and other toys at different levels. You can get creative with the box and create holes for windows. This will be a fun box to keep your kitty occupied and entertained for hours. 

Puzzle Treat Bottle 

This is another DIY option to help keep your cat entertained. You can use a plastic water bottle and insert a few small treats in the container. Cut a few small holes in the bottle so that your cat will be able to get the treats out. 

Take Your Cat For A Walk

This is an excellent opportunity to get some fresh air and get your cat outside in nature. Before going outdoors, try training your cat to walk on the leash in your home or in your backyard. This may take some time, but after a while, they will become accustomed to the leash, and you will be able to walk them around your neighborhood.  

Ribbon Wand 

Create a simple toy with a wooden stick and strip of ribbon. Attach the ribbon with tape or glue and use it to entice your cat. This is a fun game you can play together. 

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