The Ultimate Guide to Cat Enclosures

The Ultimate Guide to Cat Enclosures

When our cats stare out the window, what are they thinking? Are they happy sitting back and watching the outside world? Or are they itching to get out there themselves? As their owners, we want to keep our felines happy, but we want to keep them from harm’s way as well.

Cat enclosures, or catios, are a perfect compromise. They let your kitty enjoy the outside world without getting lost or hurt. Read on to learn more:

Outdoors vs. Indoors: Does Your Cat Need a Cat Enclosure?

Many cat owners feel guilty about keeping their cats inside. We don’t like staying cooped up, so why would they? For the most part, though, these worries are unfounded. Cats aren’t humans, and many are perfectly happy staying indoors. But that doesn’t mean they all are.

Some cats, especially former strays, are eager to get outside. They don’t share the anxiety or fear that most other cats have.

Why a Cat Enclosure?

Just because your cat enjoys being outside doesn’t mean you should let them wander around wherever they please. The outside world poses many dangers for cats, such as cars, toxic substances, diseases, and more. Cat enclosures are the best of both worlds—they provide the safety of the indoors with the joys of the outdoors.

The Different Types of Enclosures

If you’ve decided on getting an enclosure for your feline friend, you can choose one of the following types:

  • Window Catio:These are small boxes that are attached to your window for your cat to sit or lay in.
  • Balcony Catio:This is the perfect solution for apartment dwellers. It closes off your balcony with screening to prevent your cat from falling off the ledge.
  • Porch Catio:Like the balcony catio, the porch catio closes of your backyard porch with walls and screens.
  • Cat Runs & Pens:If your cat enjoys running around outside, then a run or pen is your best option. These are like mini homes for your cats with walls, windows, and screening for extra security.
  • Portable Catios:For something small and easy to manage, a portable catio is a great bet. They’re collapsible and one of the cheapest kinds of cat enclosures on the market.

The Best Cat Enclosures

The best cat enclosure is the one that fits your needs and your cat’s needs the best. Consider your available space, your cat’s energy levels, and your budget to narrow down on the right enclosure. If you’re still unsure, then here are a few highly rated catios out on the market:

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