Keeping Your Pet Happy & Safe This Summer

Summer Pet Care Tips

Summer is officially here, and with warmer weather on the way it is important  to make sure that pet

owners understand how to best care for their pets during this season. We all know how exhausting the Texas heat can be, but keep your pets in mind as they are not able to verbally express how they feel. 

Here are a few tips for keeping your furry companion cool all summer long: 

Hydration- You may need to amp up your pet’s usual water intake as the heat can cause dehydration. Be sure to pack along water for your dog if you will be going out for an extended period of time. 

Moisturize/ Seal Paws– During the summer, asphalt can get extremely hot with temperatures exceeding 100 degrees. Be sure to use a paw balm to help seal your pet’s paws and protect them from blistering or cracking in the heat. 

Dogs and cats have fewer sweat glands than humans, and the few they do have are concentrated on their footpads and noses. Excessive panting, especially in older dogs, is a sign that they may be getting too hot, and prolonged panting can wear out the heart. This affects bulldogs, pugs and other dogs with pushed-in snouts even more strongly because their nasal passages are smaller and can draw less air.

Pets can be kept outdoors, but shaded areas and plenty of water should be provided. When walking a pet on a hot day, avoid concrete and asphalt whenever possible and stay on the grass. You may also want to limit the time your pet is exercising outdoors after 10 AM and before 7 PM if the heat is particularly excruciating.

Heat stroke is a problem that can affect animals just as much as humans, and if you see any symptoms, you should immediately follow some first aid procedures. Symptoms of heat stroke include heavy panting along with bloody discharges, collapse, dry or red gums and thick saliva. If noticed, immediately shade the pet, cool down with a light mist or damp towels and offer water, but do not force a pet to drink. A veterinarian should be sought if the situation does not improve.

Hill Country Pet Sitters Plus wants to make sure that your pet stays healthy during this hot summer. We hope these warm weather tips help you keep your whole family, even the furry ones, safe this season. Call us if you have any professional pet care needs in the New Braunfels area northeast of San Antonio, TX.