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San Antonio’s Dogtober Fest

Located northeast of the major city of San Antonio, Hill Country Pet Sitters Plus is proud to be situated so close to a city that takes such responsibility for their pets. Here in New Braunfels, we benefit from a strong community of pet owners right here in our town. We love to share positive stories… Read more »

Summer Pet Tips

The summer months are coming quickly and with warmer weather about to set in all over the state of Texas, we wanted to make sure that pet owners were taking the proper precautions this season to keep their furry friends safe. Here at Hill Country Pet Sitters Plus, we know how the heat can make… Read more »

Is Omaha a Pet Paradise?

It would be nice to be able to take our furry friends with us wherever we go. Of course, it would be a hassle to clean up after them, but many owners of well-behaved dogs are sometimes taken aback when they can’t bring their cat or dog to a new apartment or into a public… Read more »