Is Omaha a Pet Paradise?

It would be nice to be able to take our furry friends with us wherever we go. Of course, it would be a hassle to clean up after them, but many owners of well-behaved dogs are sometimes taken aback when they can’t bring their cat or dog to a new apartment or into a public area.

Some communities, however, understand the bond between a pet and its owner. In these places, you might find plenty of bars, cafes and even restaurants or movie theaters that will open their doors to four-legged customers. Here at Hill Country Pet Sitters Plus, we love hearing stories about pet-friendly cities, especially those that are so close to us.

Many businesses in the Nebraska city of Omaha encourage pet owners to bring their dogs to their establishment and enjoy some quality time downtown. This article published by, for example, discusses many area companies that cater to both humans and pets alike.

The Benson neighborhood of Omaha is home to the Benson Brewery, a pub with a penchant for pet friendliness that will be expanding its offerings for both canines and humans in the coming months. A 55-seat biergarten will also include water stations where dogs can get a drink while their human owners put back a pint or two. The bar also offers doggie treats made from the leftover grain remaining after brewing their house beers.

Coffeehouses are another prime example of a business that adapts well to pet clientele. For about two years, Howlin’ Hounds Coffee has been serving Omaha’s pet owners and welcoming their dogs, cats and more through the doors of the cafe. In many cases, the pets are considered regulars right along with their owners.

Hill Country Pet Sitters Plus knows that a well-behaved pet can be a welcome attraction in a variety of public settings. If you want to know about pet-friendly sites in and around the community of New Braunfels, TX, give us a call. We’ll make sure that you enjoy your time in public with your pet.