San Antonio’s Dogtober Fest

Located northeast of the major city of San Antonio, Hill Country Pet Sitters Plus is proud to be situated so close to a city that takes such responsibility for their pets. Here in New Braunfels, we benefit from a strong community of pet owners right here in our town. We love to share positive stories of pet ownership from our region with our readers here on our blog.

Recently, a group of San Antonio-based organizations pulled together to create a program that should help reduce the number of homeless pets which are put down because they have nowhere to go. This article published by The San Antonio Express-News talks about a monthly pet market in downtown San Antonio which is helping many at-risk pets find a loving home.

The San Antonio Urban Pet Market convenes once a month, giving local pet business and related vendors to display their goods directly to a crowd full of animal lovers and pet owners. Among the market’s many features is an adoption center, where people can find pets that might be an adorable fit for their family. The above article talks about one couple who immediately gravitate towards a young Boston terrier that they adopt that day.

Pet owners here in New Braunfels might be intrigued to hear about the other features of this fun public market. In September, market officials stated that they’re trying to organize a Dog Olympics, a fun competition pitting area canines against each other. In October, the market will play host to Dogtober Fest. Proceeds earned by the market are in turn contributed to local non-profit animal rescue organizations.

The central region of Texas is full of caring and compassionate individuals who want to see this region turn into a no-kill zone for pets. Hill Country Pet Sitters Plus is encouraged to learn stories of those helping the cause so close to our own business.