What to Expect for Your Pet’s First Night Home

Yellow Labrador puppy

The excitement of bringing home a new cat or dog is not lost on anyone; however, in order to set up your new pet for success, there are a few tips and tricks to follow to help your pets settle in to their new forever home.

Read on for some tips about helping your new pet settle in on their first night home.

Form proper sleeping quarters for your dog

Yellow Labrador puppy

Although it may be tempting, avoid allowing your new puppy to sleep in bed with you.

Instead, prepare a small crate for your pup, perhaps with a blanket draped over the top.

Keep the crate by your bed so your puppy stays close, and take him outside when he cries. Make sure to put him back into his crate for the night so he builds the expectation that it is time to sleep.

Give your pup some quiet time

Dogs are known for their excited and spirited nature; they tend to get worked up over little things. When you first bring home your new dog, try to keep the environment calm and give your puppy some time to adjust to his new family members.

Try to wait a while until you start introducing your dog to new people, like neighbors or friends.

Allow cats time for unhindered exploration

Cats need room to explore on their own time.

Your furry friend is experiencing new sights, sounds, and smells all at once, which can be frightening to young animals. Let them get used to their new space on their first night and let them adjust to their new environment at their own pace.

Create a cat haven

Forcing your new cat into something unfamiliar to them is a surefire way to make them uncomfortable during their first night home.

In order to adjust to their new living environment, kittens need space where they feel safe and calm. Set aside a room or area in your home where you keep your kitten for the first few days before allowing them to roam your entire house. Include plenty of food and water, a comfortable sleeping spot, toys, and scratching areas.

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