Understanding the Cost of a Pet

Owning a Pet

A pet is a part of the family. And, just like any other member of the family, you have to spend money on them in order to care for them appropriately. However, many potential pet owners often get overwhelmed when they see the numbers associated with it.

Before you adopt a pet, it is important to understand whether or not you can afford to care for them properly. Here are some things to watch out for:

Expect to pay about $1000 during the first year

Most people should expect to pay about $1000 throughout the first year of owning a pet. This $1000 includes adoption fees, initial costs such as a bed or shampoo, and recurring costs such as food. If you look at $1000 as a lump sum, it is a lot of money, but works out to be about $83 per month over the course of a full year.

One-time only expenses

The first year of pet ownership is pricey because there are many one-time only expenses. In other words, there are many things that occur during your first year of pet ownership that won’t carry over in the years to come. Between spaying or neutering, initial medical exams, a collar and leash, carrying crates, and other necessities, first-time dog owners can expect to pay a bit over $565 in one-time costs during the first year of pet ownership. First-time cat owners clock in around $365, because cats typically require less “supplies” so to speak.

Recurring costs

For recurring costs such as food, annual check-ups, toys, treats, and other items that you need throughout the year, dog owners typically pay around $695 where cat owners typically pay around $705. This comes to about $58 a month for dogs, and about $59 per month for cats.

If your budget does allow it, owning a pet will be an extremely rewarding experience. You’ll have unconditional love from a furry friend every time you walk through your door that you’ll never get tired of. If you need a hand taking care of them, though, Hill Country Pet Sitters can help. We offer pet sitting/home care, in home boarding, overnight stays, grooming, dog walking, and pet tax services.