Tips for Having Your Dog at Summer House Parties

Summer is the season for get-togethers with friends and family, whether it’s backyard barbecues or hanging out on the deck. If you have pets, though, hosting or attending these get-togethers might get a little tricky. What’s the best thing to do when you’re having a bunch of people over but are worried about your guests’ feeling comfortable around your dog – and vice versa?

Think about your dog’s temperament

Bringing a Dog to a Summer PartyIn most cases, the right thing to do when it comes to hosting a party with your pet is dependent upon your dog’s temperament. If he is easily frightened, skittish around new people, or has a tendency to nip at unwanted advances from children, it is probably best if you keep your dog separate from the party. Choose a place where he or she can be comfortable: if keeping the door to your bedroom closed and supplying your pup with lots of water and toys works, great. If it’s better to put him in his crate and place the crate somewhere familiar, that’s fine, too.

Consider your guests

Another thing to keep in mind is that even if your dog is well-behaved and the life of the party when it comes to big parties, some of your guests could have serious allergies or phobias of dogs. Check in with everyone you’ve invited who hasn’t been to your home before, and let them know that you have a dog. If a guest is very uncomfortable around dogs, the right thing to do is to keep the dog separate from the party.

Take your dog away for the day

As an alternative to keeping your pup separate from the party, since some dogs may become nervous if they can hear all that party noise but are not able to investigate it, is to bring your pup over to Hill Country Pet Sitters Plus. We offer private boarding care for days when you’ll be away for a while, plus, overnight pet sitting if you’ll be staying the night at your party destination or will need time to clean up from your own big backyard party.

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