Hill Country Pet Sitters Plus Carol Schon, Owner

Folks.  Mary and I have used Carol and her quaint business, Hill Country Pet Sitters Plus, since the summer of 2010.  I have found the reliability, care and personalized attention Carol provides unmatched by many other offers to tend for our in-house kennel needs.

We have been in the Search and Rescue K-9 field since 1994.  The various dogs we have in our household are both male and female German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois, all very high-drive and high maintenance canines.   We confidently leave all of them in Carol’s care assured that they will receive the individualized attention required.

Here are some key points to consider that Carol’s service provides:

  • Timely Attention – when she says she will be there, she is there. Be it an in-house A.M., midday or late night visit she shows. We have had her visit up to 4X a day when the weather was inclement considering the variability of the Texas rural road conditions.
  • Follows Detailed Instructions – we have canines needing medications, various feeding quantities, and with the high-drive pack – separate pack walk requirements all of which are provided even though it takes more of her precious time.
  • Personalized Care – She treats your animals as if they were her own family – with one-on-one attention and a gentle caring voice. She also is capable of assessing minor injuries and providing basic first aid for the inevitable cuts and scraps our yard can provide.
  • Short Notice – I try not to do this, but our travel schedules sometimes involve short notice requests. Carol has been able to assist us more times than naught.  But I would recommend an advance notice for her time, as the holidays especially can be hectic.
  • Affordable Costs – The peace of mind and confidence we have knowing our family is in good hands is hard to place a dollar value on. But we feel we have a service that is worth more than gold.
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