Pet Sitting vs. Pet Boarding

Pet Sitting vs. Pet Boarding

Whether you are going on a business trip for a few days or taking a vacation for two weeks, your mind is never far from your furry friend. But the burning question that plagues most pet owners is whether to leave their pet with a sitter or send them to a boarding facility.

Pet Sitting

A trained pet sitter will come to your home to look after your pet while you’re away. This way your pet can stick to its usual routine. It will also help your pet avoid some of the contagious diseases that can be found at pet boarding facilities. Pets will get all the attention they could ever want from a pet sitter, and pet sitters are perfect for those pets that cannot easily be transported to a different location.

Pet Boarding

On the other hand, a pet boarding company will ask you to bring your pet to their specific facility so they can watch them while you’re away. They will look after your pet for you, but they can’t always give it the special attention it might need. This is because there are usually lots of pets in the facility at once. They also can’t always stick to your pet’s schedule. They will feed your pet, take it outside, and walk it, but they will usually do this when it’s convenient for them. There are also limitations to the types of pets they can accept into their facility. Certain animals, like horses, are out of the question, and they usually won’t allow birds or reptiles entry, either.

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