How to Keep Your Dog Entertained at Home 

How to Keep Your Dog Entertained at Home 

Being  stuck in the house doesn’t mean suffering from boredom, especially with a furry friend around. Although it can be challenging to keep your puppy entertained in the house- there are a few activities that will keep them occupied for hours!

Here are a few ways to entertain your dog while you are at home:

Hide & Seek

This classic game is both fun and easy to play. Be sure to practice the “sit” command so you have time to hide. Once you’ve made it to your hiding spot, call your dog and see how long it takes them to find you! 

Tug of War 

For this game, all you need is a sturdy rope. Before you play, make sure there aren’t any breakables nearby. Move any delicate items out the way. Now, give your dog one end of the rope and let them tug on it with their teeth while you hold the other end. 

Hide the Treats 

This is a fun game to keep your dog occupied, and also gives you the chance to focus on something else while they find the hidden treats. For this, all you will need are a few of your dog’s favorite treats. Simply hide a few treats around your house. Be sure to hide them in places that will be easy for your dog to access, but also provides a little challenge. 

DIY Dog Toys 

Dogs love to chew things as it helps to ease pain from teething, strengthens the jaw muscles, and provides a form of stress relief. Sometimes dogs chew the wrong things, like the leg of your couch, or a pair of your favorite shoes. Instead of them ching your valuables, make a simple chew toy out of an empty water bottle. This a simple way to keep your dog occupied and happy! 

Another easy idea for a DIY dog toy is a tennis treat ball. For this toy all you will need is a tennis ball and a couple of doggie treats. Cut a small hole in the tennis ball, wide enough to fit the treats but not too big so they don’t fall out, and insert the doggie treats. 

This is an easy toy to make that will keep your dog occupied as they try to get the treats out of the ball. 

We hope these tips will help keep your puppy entertained and happy while spending time inside the house. 

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