How to Help Your Dog and Cat Be Friends

How to Help Your Dog and Cat Be Friends

The holiday season is a popular time for new pet parents, as this is when people usually adopt new pets into their family. If you already have a pet in your home it may take time for your pets to become acquainted.

There are certain things that you can do to ensure that your pets, specifically dogs and cats, get along with one another from the start.

Dogs and Cats

When introducing a dog to another animal, such as a cat, the dog is likely the more energetic of the two so keep an eye on the dog especially. Dogs are built to chase fast-moving objects and if the cat rungs, the dog will likely chase. Provide your cat with a hiding spot that’s not on the ground level to help them feel safe. You can also use a baby gate to keep your dog and cat separated to help teach your dog not to chase the cat.

Don’t force your pets to be around each other if they aren’t curious. If they tend to simply avid one another, that’s OK too.

The First Meeting

The first time you introduce a new pet you should make sure your dog is a bit tuckered out beforehand. You should also keep your dog on a leash during the initial encounter and test their reaction. If the dog bolts for the cat, you’ll have a way to protect the kitten or cat in the event that your dog does get defensive.

Give Pets Time

It’s important that both pets become accustomed to each other’s smells.  You may need to keep them in separate rooms for several days before letting them interact with each other. When a new pet comes home, it can be overwhelming to pets as much as it is for you. If a dog or cat has been the only pet in your home for years, it’s natural for them to get anxious when a new pet is introduced.

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