Your Dog Walker & Groomer for Houston

Regardless of whether you have a small dog, a big dog, or a dog that falls somewhere in between, your dog needs to go on walks regularly. It will prevent your dog from gaining too much weight, and it will also allow your dog to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It can be hard to find the time to walk your dog on a regular basis, though, which is where Hill Country Pet Sitters Plus in Houston comes in.

I have been a professional pet sitter, walker, and groomer for many years now, and I am fully capable of caring for your dog and offering your pup all of the attention that they deserve. You can rest easy in knowing your dog is in good hands with me.

When you come to Hill Country Pet Sitters Plus for assistance with your dog, I can provide you with many different services that will make it easier for you to keep your dog happy and healthy. I can serve as your dog walker as often as necessary and make sure your pup in Houston gets the exercise they need. I can also be your groomer and provide your dog with everything from baths to nail trimming. I can even use my experience as a pet sitter to offer in-home care for your dog if you’ll be away for a business trip or a vacation. I am certified with the National Association for Professional Pet Sitters, and I know pet CPR and can tend to dogs during an emergency. You can feel very confident when your dogs are under my care.

If you are having trouble keeping up with your dog these days – as happens to so many dog owners – you should consider allowing Hill Country Pet Sitters Plus to take over some of your responsibilities. Your dog deserves the very best, and I can help you provide it for your pup. From serving as your professional pet sitter when you can’t be around to playing the role of dog walker, I will do whatever you need me to do for your pet. You will notice a change in your dog’s mood when they starts receiving some extra TLC, and you will also be able to spend more time enjoying your time with your dog and less time worrying about all that goes into caring for a dog when you work with me.

Would you like to learn about the specific pet care services I can provide pet owners in Houston? Whether you need a professional pet sitter, dog walker or groomer, I would love to help you out. Give me a call at 830-624-9284 today.