Dog or Cat: Which Should You Adopt?

Dog or Cat: Which Should You Adopt?

There’s nothing quite as rewarding as adopting a lovable, four-legged friend into your family. However, unless you’re a die-hard dog-lover or cat-lover, you may feel torn about which animal you should adopt. Do you want a laid-back kitty who falls asleep on your lap? Or do you want a high-energy pup who will run right alongside you?

Below are a few questions you should ask yourself to help you decide if you should adopt a dog or a cat:

How long are you home for?

Cats are independent. While they love to have their humans home with them, they can easily take care of themselves for several hours throughout the day. Dogs are a bit more dependent. They need someone to take them for a walk, go to the bathroom, and provide interaction for more hours in the day. If you’re someone who is gone for most of the day, then a cat may be easier to take care of than a dog. Meanwhile, if you’re working from home, then a dog will benefit from all the extra time you spend at home.

How active are you?

Are you someone who enjoys going out for a brisk walk once or twice a day? Then adopting a dog may be for you. Dogs need at least one walk a day (preferably two) to stay healthy. However, if you don’t have time for a walk or prefer indoor workouts, then you can always cuddle up on the couch with your new kitty.

How willing are you to clean up messes?

Pets—no matter if they’re dogs or cats—can make a mess. But dogs are typically messier than cats. This is because dogs will spend time outside, tracking in dirt. They also may not be housebroken when you first adopt them. Cats, meanwhile, are typically trained to use a litter pan before you adopt them. And since they don’t go outside, they’re less likely to bring in mud or dirt.

What kind of companionship are you looking for?

Dogs and cats provide companionship, but it is a different kind of companionship. Dogs are loyal and will always be by your side. Cats care for you just as much as dogs, but they’re more independent. They may spend hours just doing their own thing, oblivious to what their humans are doing. If you want your pet to be with you 24/7, then a dog is right for you. However, if you’re looking for a pet who is more self-sufficient, then a cat may be for you.

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