Dealing with Fleas on Your Pets

Cat with Fleas

When your pet has fleas, you need to act fast. Though tiny, fleas pack a powerful punch, effectively irritating your pet to no end and potentially causing additional problems for your furry friend.

However, knowing the signs of fleas, how to get rid of them, and how to prevent further infestations is key to dealing with these bloodthirsty vermin!

Does my pet have fleas?

It is the telltale sign: your distressed pet gnawing or digging at their fur or consistently licking their skin. This behavior typically indicates your furry friend has fleas, whose bite causes pain and leaves behind a salivary substance that irritates its host. You may even be able to catch the fleas red-handed if they are large enough to see at the time you notice them. If you see what looks like small dark pieces of sand or pepper either on your pet or in their common areas, this could be flea dirt. Flea eggs, which resemble tiny white grains, and flea larvae, which resemble little worms, are a few other obvious signs your pet has a flea problem. Check your pet’s gums—if pale, fleas may be causing anemia in your pet from drinking too much of their blood.

So, my pet has fleas… now what?

After you determine your pet has fleas or even if you have a hunch they might, it is time for a trip to the trusty veterinarian to determine the best treatment.

Use powders and shampoos to help dissolve the pests. Brush your pet’s fur with a comb to find and rid them of live fleas. Then thoroughly clean your home and your pet’s belongings to kill off larvae, flea eggs, and adult fleas. If you have other pets, consider taking them to the vet as well for a check-up, as fleas easily transfer from one pet to the other.

How can I prevent my pet from getting fleas?

Start with a basic flea-prevention product; you can find a multitude of these types of products on the market for both dogs and cats. Ask your vet which brand or formula they recommend and follow the directions for how often to use the medication.

Next, be sure to regularly clean the areas of your home that your pet frequents the most. Focus on vacuuming your pup’s bedding and your cat’s scratching tree.

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