Celebrating Your Pets During National Pet Day

National Pet Day

On April 11, you can expect to see the hashtag #NationalPetDay trending on social media. That’s because animal lovers all across the country will be celebrating their furry friends with adorable pictures, special treats and extra bonding.

National Pet DayPets give us unconditional love every single day and that’s why this National Pet Day, your pet deserves a little extra attention. Of course we should celebrate all the joy pets bring to our lives every day, but on April 11, there is cause to go the extra mile, whether that is with a new toy, a walk to your pet’s favorite park or some delicious treats after dinner.

National Pet Day is also a great time to give pets in need a little extra love. Even if you don’t own a pet yourself, you can take supplies to shelter animals or help a friend whose pet may be recovering from illness or injury. You can even use the occasion as a great reason to finally stop considering and go ahead with adopting a new pet yourself.

At Hill Country Pet Sitters Plus, we pride ourselves on offering great pet services that help owners give the best care to their pets. We offer a variety of services that cater to overall care and exercise. We absolutely love National Pet Day and we would like to extend our grooming and walking services to you.

With our grooming services, we focus on the particular breed and give them a great pampering session. If you like a certain haircut for your pet, you can let us know. We also use only the safest and gentlest of pet cleaning products, working to make your dog or cat look and feel their best.

Dog walking is another option to consider as a gift for your pup on National Pet Day. When you hire Hill Country Pet Sitters Plus, we’ll make sure that your pup gets some fresh air and a change of scenery, plus a chance to stretch their legs. When you’re gone at work all day, your pup can get lonely and antsy for some time outside, and we can provide that for you. Plus, you never have to worry about multiple dogs all competing for our attention. For purposes of safety and building strong relationships with your dog, we only walk one pup at a time.

Each of our professional dog walkers are certified with the National Association for Professional Pet Sitters and are experienced in dog CPR and handling pet emergencies. Not to mention, our dog walkers absolutely love dogs and get just as excited to walk with your dog as your dog will be to walk with them.

Give your pet a special gift and book a service with Hill Country Pet Sitters Plus for National Pet Day. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, give us a call today at 830-624-9284.