Buying Dog Food: 3 Tips for Buying the Right Kind

Hungry Dog Waiting to be Fed

Navigating the world of dog food is tough; with so many choices (wet or dry, premium or normal, less calories or more protein), picking the right kind of food for your dog takes some research.

Before you decide which dog food to buy your pup, consider the following!

Nutritional needs

Like humans, dogs require different nutrients to stay healthy, including vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

While processed foods feel taboo to us, our pups actually require quality commercial foods that provide the necessary ingredients for optimal health. This may come as a surprise, but meat is not the only food a dog needs; they also need vegetables, grains, and fruits to balance their diet.

When buying dog food, look for labels from the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) describing the food’s nutrition levels.

Hungry Dog Waiting to be Fed

Choose a food that contributes balance and variety to your furry friend’s diet.

Stage of life and special diets

Your dog’s age and stage of life comes into play when selecting the right dog food.

Puppies require more calories and protein to fuel their growing bodies, whereas adult dogs require other nutrients to keep them healthy.

Popular dog food brands typically offer a different mix for puppies and adults.

Your dog may also have special dietary needs depending on medical conditions. If your dog is allergic to gluten, you should carefully read the labels on their potential food to avoid contact with the substance. If meat products hurt your pup’s stomach, try a meatless food.

Wet food versus dry food

Both wet foods and dry foods prove nutritious options for your pet. The choice really comes down to your pup’s personal preference and lifestyle. Dry foods are typically cheaper than wet foods, and do not require refrigeration. Ingredients like meats and grains combine into one easily digestible food.

Wet foods contain higher amounts of fresh meats and byproducts than dry foods, and are more appetizing than dry foods with more textured proteins. Wet foods also provide dogs with more moisture, aiding in hydration.

Wet or dry, the best food for your dog offers complete nutrition with whole meats or quality by-products, whole grains, and natural or no preservatives.

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