Best Pet Reptiles for Children

Owning a Reptile

Best Pet Reptiles for ChildrenIf your children have been asking for a pet, and you’re hoping to get a pet that is a bit more independent, consider getting them a reptile.

Reptiles often make good pets for children because they are somewhat independent but require some care which can help teach children responsibility.

Looking to add a reptile into the family? We have some suggestions!

Bearded Dragon Lizards

A bearded dragon might sound intimidating, but they often make a great “first reptile” pet for kids. Bearded dragons are pretty easy to manage and care for. They just need a small glass tank with over-the-tank lights to keep the space between 70 and 105 degrees Fahrenheit in different areas. They need something to climb on, such as a small log, fresh water, and a steady diet of crickets, mice, and vegetables.

Leopard Geckos

Leopard geckos can grow up to about 12 inches long and they typically live for about eight to ten years. They need a glass tank with rocks to climb on and some water to soak in. They also need an over-the-tank heat lamp and several crickets a day. Since these reptiles remain relatively small, they are typically easy to maintain.

Royal Python

Don’t be alarmed at the word python: A royal python is a snake but not the snake you are picturing. This reptile will only grow between 3 and 5 feet long, but they do live for 20 to 30 years with a fairly long lifespan for an animal. They’re naturally curious and non-aggressive, which can make them a great candidate for a child’s pet but they are a true time commitment. All you need to do is make sure their glass tank stays warm and humid and give them frozen mice to munch on!

Although many reptiles are low-maintenance, they do require regular care! We also understand how much care many pets require, dogs and cats included.

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