The Benefits of Professional Pet Grooming

When it comes to grooming our pets, many of just do what we can to keep our pets clean. That may be the occasional bath in the tub or backyard, or it may just be brushing every other week. However, there are actually many benefits to having your pets groomed professionally. Let’s look closer at why a professional grooming offers much more than a fresh-smelling and good-looking pet.

Healthy Hair

A professional groomer has all the tools and supplies to get your pet groomed and looking great again. So great, in fact, that it will result in a healthier coat and skin on your pet. By having your pet spend time with a groomer regularly, they will have a clean and rich fur coat, which will help them look and feel great and happy.

Nail Trims

Nail trimming is often included with a session with a professional groomer. This not only helps to keep your pet’s nails short, but also reinforces healthy foot structure and posture as well. Lastly, a good nail trim will reduce your pet’s risk of infection in their feet and nails, helping keep your pet healthy from head to toe.

Great Look

You may think that after you wash your pet that they smell better than they did before. If that’s the case, let the professionals do it. They will get your pet smelling and looking great after a nice long grooming session. A fresh-smelling pet is a happy pet – and a happy family!

Early Detection

By taking your pet to a professional groomer regularly, you may also be able to detect a skin or fur issue with your pet earlier. Just like when you go to get your haircut, your barber or stylist gets to know you and your look, the same can happen with a groomer. They may notice a rash, lump or discoloration or skin that might be a sign of a problem. They could also see other concerns with their ears, teeth or other parts of the body that you may not notice. In addition to getting to know your pet better, groomers also see many other animals each day which gives them a wealth of insight to problems that can help you get ahead of any concern with your pet.

Shed Reducing

Having your pet regularly groomed can also help to reduce shedding as well. Many people don’t like to wear their pets’ fur out in public, and with regular trips to the groomers, you can minimize the amount of pet hair around your home – and on your pants, your shirts, your shoes …

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