Six Texas Cities Rank Tops in Pet Friendliness

Texas Is Pet Friendly

Have you ever wondered if your hometown is pet-friendly? Sure, your neighbors always say hello and offer a scratch to your pup as your walk by, but what about the town or city overall?

You might be interested to hear that in a recent report, Movoto ranked the top 30 cities in the country according to their pet-friendliness. Even better, six of the top 30 cities are located in – you guessed it – our great home state of Texas.

Texas Is Pet FriendlyMovoto was inspired to perform this particular ranking because they wondered about their own city of San Francisco and where it fell on the list of least to most pet friendly cities in the country. They used a wide range of factors in compiling the report, including population, number and location of parks and pet stores, veterinarian availability, number of pet groomers and dog walkers and other factors and used that to rank the country’s most populous cities based on the pet quality of life.

Six of the top 30 ranked cities are located in Texas. They are, from most pet-friendly to least, El Paso (No. 2), Austin (No. 5), Dallas (No. 10), Houston (No. 12), San Antonio (No. 14) and Fort Worth (No. 16).

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